Every Byte
Custom software solutions

Every Byte develops innovative technology to assist in direct web-marketing by finding sites of companies that meet your criteria. These companies can be your potential clients.

Currently we only offer services, based on this technology, rather than technology itself. However, some useful applications being a by-product of research, can be downloaded here:


- runs a set of queries in Google but displays only new results. In other words, only the new sites will be shown. This is convenient, if you have several hundred results, most of which are old (already explored before).

download GoogleQ demo


- scans a single site for a given set of keywords and for a given depth (sites can be very deep). Note that not all sites are indexed by Google and even then the indexing may be 2 weeks old. So there can always be a need for a fresh search.

download SiteScanner

Google rating

- runs a Google query for phrase that you want to lead to your site. Then it scans hits to find your web-site link (if any). The rating given is your site's position in the list.

Sample data shows (at the time of writing) that COPE IPS company ranks 5th for query "enquete software" (main product) on sites in the Netherlands, which means it is listed on the first page of such a query.

download Google Rating